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This quote emphasizes a very important point which is that wisdom cannot be taught in schools, it can only be acquired with life experience. We, as a parent, teacher or child, tend to ignore this. This quote has another connotation that implies that continuous learning is something that is required for being successful in any field.

Wondering how this is possible and whether learning in schools is sufficient? What else can you do to get more knowledge and experience?

First, apart from school education, giving your child necessary support and training to gain hands-on experience, developing social, communication, creative, and entrepreneurial skills are a great way to help them acquire more knowledge and become future-ready.

Second, if your child is not spending enough time reading, it indicates that they might not be able to benefit from what education offers. A report in 2020 in The Guardian states that children are reading less than ever before.

Reading books may have become an old concept for today’s children as they are more inclined towards getting information on the internet. Hence, blogs are a fantastic, but underrated method of providing learning and staying up to date on different topics.

They are written by experts and updated frequently. Blog reading can be a great exercise for your child which will keep them updated, get a variety of opinions, and consume more information in a short amount of time. As parents, you should encourage your child to read informational blogs and learn about things and concepts.

According to a 2018 Hubspot Survey, 60% of people read blogs to learn something new and keep up with industry trends. But the question here is, which blogs to read? There are a plethora of education blogs and resources available online. How to find and read the right ones?

Fret not! Here’s a list of 10 best education blogs that you should read and learn from in 2022.