PHP Programming for beginners
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PHP Programming for beginners
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This course is designed for beginners who look to learn and start PHP development

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  • Lessons :10
  • Duration :20 Hours
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Course Overview

A Great PHP course that helps you to create your own PHP pages. Learn the basic fundamentals of PHP programming with Wineezy !

What is PHP ?

PHP is a general purpose scripting language used as a server side programming language that is widely used in web development and that works well with HTML and databases in building dynamic web applications. PHP is also used to create standalone applications, PHP stands for Hypertext Processor. PHP is an open source language where anyone can download a PHP executable and start coding.

What you’ll learn ?

The PHP programming course for beginners helps you to easily write PHP codes and create your own PHP pages by understanding PHP variables and web terminology, to create and use PHP output statements, operators and constants, control structure, functions, arrays, expressions, iteration, error handling and more to be an proficient in PHP programming. You’ll learn the basic structure of a web application and how a web browser interacts with a web server.

Why PHP ?

PHP is the most used web development language. You can do anything on the web if you learn how to create PHP pages. Learn PHP online so you can change your life like any other millionaires as one of the best web pages facebook is using PHP for developing their sites. There is a rise in demand for PHP developers worldwide. Without PHP Facebook, Yahoo and Google wouldn’t have existed. As it helps to perform system functions, handle forms, set cookies and restrict users from accessing specific website pages many companies and organizations prefer the PHP language. It provides multi functionalities like user data encryption, to create secured PHP, and a stable server side scripting language. PHP is a must language for WordPress development to modify and to write themes and plugins.

Learn PHP and get certified from Online Certification Courses of Wineezy!

Instructor : Ameen Muhammad,

Coding Introduction
Scope of Coding
How to start coding

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