PHP Programming Intermediate course
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PHP Programming Intermediate course
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This course is designed for beginners who look to learn and start PHP development

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Course Overview

Pastor your PHP development skills by Intermediate course of Wineezy. 

Expand your knowledge in PHP, a widely used server side programming language and learn how to create dynamic web applications, using databases, files and APIs. Intermediate level includes more depth than beginner level programs. It builds knowledge in the content area.

What you’ll learn ?

Now, As you have a basic idea of what PHP is and why it's used and the basic structure of a web application and how a web browser interacts with a web server. In this course you’ll learn how to create a commercial online store using the PHP programming language and the SQL database server. This tutorial helps you to learn SQL fundamentals, groundwork for using PHP to interact with databases, how to integrate PHP with databases, data persistence and more. In the end you’ll learn how to create dynamic content by storing and retrieving data through databases. Also you’ll learn about advanced techniques of PHP and MySql against SQL injection attacks. With expert training and class activities you’ll get advanced knowledge of PHP and MySQL.

Why Is Learning PHP Important ?

Global platforms like Facebook, Yahoo, Mailchimp and Wikipedia use PHP for computing infrastructure. PHP is the most preferred language for creating interactive websites and web applications because of its high running speed and open source tools.

Should I Learn PHP ?

PHP is easier to learn than other programming languages as it has built in functions and ability to reuse the built blocks. It’s a popular back end programming language used with HTML and databases to create dynamic applications on the web. Also Malicious attacks on PHP sites are easier to identify. Adding PHP knowledge will only benefit you over time and open up the career possibilities.

Get Started, Join Wineezy course of coding and start Learn Intermediate PHP today!

Instructor : Ameen Muhammad,

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Ameen Muhammad
Ameen Muhammad