Python Programming for beginners
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Python Programming for beginners
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This course is designed for beginners who look to learn and start Python development

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Course Overview

By this Python programming course for beginners get a fundamental understanding of the Python programming language like what python is, what it can do and more.

What is python language ?

Python is a general purpose language used to build websites and softwares, conduct data analysis and automate tasks. Python is used to handle big data and perform complex mathematics. Python is mainly used to develop the back end of a website or application. Python is so popular as it is beginner friendly, versatile, simple syntax and open source. Python is derived from many other languages like ABC, C, C++, UNIX and other scripting languages.

What you’ll learn ?

This Beginner tutorial offers you a fundamental understanding of the python programming language that helps you to create your own python programs and these skills will help you to move to machine learning, data science. Here you’ll learn Python program flow control, keywords, operators, statements, lists, functions, various modules, reading and writing in python and what object oriented python is. All these modules help you to understand what you are coding and why python programming is easy to grasp and less frustrating.

Why python ?

Python works on different platforms like Windows, Mac, Linus, Raspberry etc. Python is simple, designed for readability and similar to the English language with influence from mathematics. As it runs on an interpreter system, the code can be executed as soon as written. Than any other programming language, in python developers can write programs with fewer lines. Python is embraced by non-programmers such as accountants and scientists for different everyday tasks as Python can be used by developers and non-developers, and as it's used to create a variety of different programs not specialized for specific problems.

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Instructor : Ameen Muhammad,

Coding Introduction
Scope of Coding
How to start coding

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