Coding Master - Free coding course for Kids
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Coding Master - Free coding course for Kids

Free Malayalam course for kids to learn computer coding. This is designed for kids of age from 12 to 16.

  • Provider : Safcodes
  • Lessons :6
  • Duration :12 Hours
  • Enrolled :7 students
  • Language : Malayalam

Course Overview

Free Malayalam course for kids to learn computer coding. This is designed for kids of age from 12 to 16. It covers introduction of coding and coding for a website.  

Coding Master

Acquiring this level of education in computer science may pave the way to exciting professions in technology and programming. The average master's degree candidate in computer science is highly well-organized and efficient with their time.

Introduction to Coding:

The first part of the course is devoted to a general overview of computer programming. We explain why certain kinds of code are crucial and how to do them correctly. To achieve the desired computing end, our instructors guide students through a systematic process. 

Scope of Coding:

Children have open and changeable minds. They have an excellent capacity for learning and remembering new information. The younger children are exposed to coding and all the abilities it fosters, the more quickly they will be able to master the skill. 

Different programming/coding languages:

The ability to program is a need in today's society, particularly for the younger generation. Children that begin learning to code at a young age will have a leg up on their future counterparts who didn't have a head start they did.

How to start programming:

As a first step, we cover the fundamentals of programming languages. While also the basics of choosing the appropriate tool for the advanced coursework will also be explained. 


Learning HTML not only helps us acquire a new ability but also gives us a means of expressing ourselves in code, the basis of all programming. We've compiled some advice, and we'll explain why we think HTML is the best place to start teaching kids interested in creating their digital content.

Code to make a website:

Do you think your kid or adolescent might be interested in creating their website? Students who master markup languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript open up a world of possibilities.  Lessons in web design teach young people how to create whole websites, from the coding to the graphics to the content. 

Higher study recommendation:

Following the conclusion of our course, we will walk you through the fundamentals of further academic options. The top programming languages to learn are Python, Web Development, JavaScript, PHP, Angular6, Fundamentals of Java Programming, etc.

Instructor : Ameen Muhammad,
  1. Coding Introduction
  2. Scope of Coding
  3. Different Coding/ Programming languages
  4. How to start coding
  5. HTML & CSS
  6. Code to make website
  7. Higher study recommendation

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Ameen Muhammad
Ameen Muhammad

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