Little Coder - Free coding course for kids
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Little Coder - Free coding course for kids

Little Coder is a free introductory Coding course for kids who are in the age group of 8 to 11.

  • Provider : Safcodes
  • Lessons :5
  • Duration :10 Hours
  • Enrolled :13 students
  • Language : Malayalam

Course Overview

Little Coder is a free introductory Coding course for kids who are in the age group of 10 to 12.

Little Coder

Is your youngster a future computer programmer? Even in elementary schools, coding education is becoming increasingly frequent — even for children as young as six. To assist your future Bill Gates or youngsters of the twenty-first century in mastering this problematic talent, here's what you need to know: Let's look at it.

Getting Started with Computers:

It's essential to master the fundamentals of computer use to get the most out of your computer. It is part of understanding the computer's components and utilizing them to accomplish a specific goal. The cornerstone of tech knowledge is a firm grasp of the fundamentals of the operating system and the application software. Learning the fundamentals and then using them correctly may go on to more complex applications and procedures. We are here to provide free coding classes for kids.

Introduction to Software:

Programming software may be a lot of fun and keep you on your toes. As a bonus, it's a well-paying job that requires a high level of expertise. However, this should never be a motivation to expose your child to software development, but one should bear in mind the intellectual benefits it has to give.

Introduction of Coding:

We feel that introducing coding to kids is the right way to build their future. You may create computer applications through coding by using programming languages such as Java or Python or even visual drag-and-drop languages like C++. Our way of teaching coding to children often involves including informative and fun elements in the lesson plan.

MS Paint: A Guide to theorizing and Doing:

Here we'll show you how to get started with MS Paint and get the most out of its features. With the paint application, you may create images in various forms, sizes, and widths. You can add text to your artwork as well.

How to Get Started with Sketch:

When you have a painting exam tomorrow, imagine going to the store to get some colour pencils and a piece of dry paper to practise. Instead of purchasing coloured pencils and sketching paper, you may use Microsoft Paint to practise drawing.

An Introduction to the Basics of a Website:

Learning how to create a website's look, feel, and content is all part of a Web Design Course for Kids curriculum. It's never too early to learn how to create websites for kids. Instead of going to a website, they'll make one themselves. It's perfect for youngsters who are both artistic and enterprising. 

The scope of coding:

In programming, scope is a crucial concept. The size of a variable determines where it may be accessed or referenced. There's no denying that coding is a great career path for young people due to its wide range of opportunities. Finding work as a programmer isn't tricky; numerous companies are always searching for qualified candidates.

Instructor : Ameen Muhammad,
  1. Introduction to Computer
  2. Introduction to Software
  3. Introduction to Coding
  4. Theory & Practical of MS Paint
  5. Basics of Sketch
  6. Basics of Website
  7. Scope of Coding

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Ameen Muhammad

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