My Website : How to create a website
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My Website : How to create a website
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My Website' is a introductory website design course for kids who are in the age group of 11 to 16.

  • Provider : Safcodes
  • Lessons :10
  • Duration :20 Hours
  • Enrolled :1 students
  • Language : Malayalam


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Course Overview

Teach your kid to create their website with Wineezy ! A concentrated Web Development Training course for kids to create interactive websites that helps in improving tech skills and also helping them in real world problem solving skills.

Can a kid be a web developer and why?

Indeed! A kid can be a web developer and create their own website as young as age 5. Creating a website is much easier than a decade ago as the world is moving to the web. It makes sense that tech skills will keep growing in demand. So let’s grow your kids' tech skills to the next generation tech level. 

Benefit of web development as a kid ?

Learning how to create a website at an early age improves a child's confidence as they build and rebuild a website of their own, it nourishes creativity of child in visualizing and styling colors and topic of the website, helps in problem solving that improves their academic scores and it also enhances communication skills in childrens. You can turn kids' passion for computer games and devices into learning opportunities.

What do your kids learn ?

An integrated course with HTML,CSS, Python, Bootstrap,WordPress, Canva and more that help kids to learn and build simple yet professional websites. It also helps creative kids to build their own personal blogs.

Why Wineezy for your kids ?

However, a child needs a monitor to guide them along their web developing journey. Wineezy offers a web development course that not only teaches them to create amazing websites but also improves their academic performance at school.We offers you Interactive Live classes from highly qualified and experienced tutors where learning has been so engaging and fun with individual course certification.

Instructor : Ameen Muhammad,

Coding Introduction
Scope of Coding
How to start coding

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Ameen Muhammad
Ameen Muhammad

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