Colloquial Arabic/ Gulf Arabic language
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Colloquial Arabic/ Gulf Arabic language
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This course is designed for those who look jobs in GCC especially Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait.

  • Provider : Bukhari
  • Lessons :25
  • Duration :50 Hours
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  • Language : Malayalam


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Course Overview

Gulf Arabic is the mother tongue of Gulf Arabs spoken by the locals of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Eastern Saudi Arabia, Southern Iraq and Oman used for day to day interactions, movies, music, TV shows, radios and in business. 

Colloquial Arabic is the Arabic specific to each area and most of its vocabulary and grammar came from Modern Standard Arabic. Only a few Arabs speak Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) as its high level variant of Arabic. You can use Modern Standard Arabic conversationally, people will understand but you may not understand as few of them speak like that. Gulf Arabic is mutually understandable as it is spoken in everyday life, in media and in business.

Wineezy’s one to one language tutoring helps you learn in an efficient way with fluency and can practice conversational Arabic with native speaker tutor. While learning colloquial Arabic we tutor dialects closer to MSA and classical Arabic. Learn and Speak Khaleeji Arabic (Gulf Arabic) from Wineezy !

Instructor : Ameen Muhammad,

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Ameen Muhammad
Ameen Muhammad

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