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Spoken Arabic
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Spoken Arabic course is designed for those who want to learn Arabic language. It requires basic understandng about Arabic

  • Provider : Bukhari
  • Lessons :30
  • Duration :60 Hours
  • Enrolled :0 students
  • Language : Malayalam


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Course Overview

Assalamualaikum (peace be upon you), Start Learning Arabic Online with Wineezy.

Ready to or want to Build Relationships around the Gulf and Levantine countries ?

Online Arabic Classes of Wineezy helps non-Arabic speakers to learn and communicate with Arabs around the world naturally and easily. Online Arabic Classes of Wineezy is for those who seek to learn a new language, who need to improve Arabic skills or who wish to work in any Arab countries like the United Arab of Emirates, Qatar, Iraq, Egypt, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and more. Learning Arabic also makes learning French or Spanish easier and helps you to communicate in other countries like Europe and more.

What you’ll learn ?

The Wineezy tutorial focuses on Vocabulary, Grammar, and how to start a conversation with ease. Not only Adults, even kids and teens can Learn Arabic Online with Wineezy. To learn Arabic better, the English alphabet is one of the main factors which help to pronounce the words easily at the beginning itself. Learning to read and speak through English Letters will be easy for both adults and kids. This tutorial will help you to learn and understand Arabic very well. 

Why learn Arabic with Wineezy ?

Wineezy offers courses for all kinds of learners, uses modern standard arabic, focuses on both communication skill and cultural understanding. We provide one-to-one service that gives personal attention individually that improves your learning ability. Wineezy helps to communicate with both Arabs and other Americans. 

This tutorial is for those who have interest in learning conversational Arabic. It is an essential skill that helps learners to interact with various native Arabs. As Arabic is spoken in many countries, Arabic speakers are in high demand. The Arabic language has a central position in International Business.

Learn and be an Arabic Speaker with Wineezy.


Instructor : Ameen Muhammad,

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Ameen Muhammad
Ameen Muhammad

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