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This is project training that's designed for those who completed digital marketing course and look to start job

  • Provider : Safcodes
  • Lessons :50
  • Duration :100 Hours
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Course Overview

What is Digital Marketing and Why ?

Digital Marketing also called Online or Internet Marketing that creates right content for the right audience through right channels. There are various digital marketing tactics from social media to text messages to target audience. In Digital Marketing, you can market to anyone, anywhere and it’s vital for business and brand awareness.Digital Marketing is important to put business in the world wide web, making visible and target audience. To Simplify, Marketing done through digital communication is Digital Marketing.The new way of Advertising and marketing adopted by companies and brands to connect with more audience and generate more leads and business is Digital Marketing.

What you’ll learn ?

In Online Digital Marketing Training of Wineezy you’ll learn about Google analytics, blog writing and publishing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, pay-per-click marketing, search engine optimization, website planning, campaign management, keyword research, content marketing and lead generation. Moreover you’ll learn the various tools and techniques of Digital Marketing, SEO and on-page optimization tips, Google Analytics, Google reporting tools and various techniques to evaluate.

Main Benefits of Digital Marketing course, it helps you to explore and handle various Digital marketing campaigns and techniques, understands dos and don’ts of digital marketing, to learn how to reduce marketing expenses, to learn how to reach a global audience, how to work as a freelancer and more.

Why Digital Marketing ?

The Demand for Digital Marketing is growing as there is rapid growth in e-commerce and online businesses. Digital Marketing courses elevate your career around the world. Digital marketing course is not only for digital marketing professionals but for entrepreneurs, marketing managers, marketing specialists, project managers and more. Digital Marketing course is cheap and affordable and can learn at your desired pace. Digital Specialists play various roles like Digital Marketing Associate, Digital Marketing Analyst, Social Media Manager, Content writer, Email marketer and SEO specialists.

Learn Digital Marketing Online with Wineezy.

Instructor : Ameen Muhammad,

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Ameen Muhammad

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