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WordPress development advanced
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WordPress development advanced
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This course is designed for those who look to learn advance WordPress development and customizing WP themes

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Course Overview

Ready to master something more advanced ? Be a Master with advanced WordPress.

What is advanced WordPress ?

WordPress is one of the popular platforms used by people to build their website from scratch. This tutorial helps in how to extend WordPress, where they can easily view and download documents, videos and images. WordPress is the most preferred and powerful CMS today because it offers a great user interface for new candidates to grasp easily.

What you’ll learn ?

In advanced Wordpress Development Training, you’ll get to know the wordpress coding standards, theme development, plugin development, and how to use REST-API and WP Ajax. You’ll learn how to create your own Gutenberg blocks, how to develop more advanced and complex wordpress sites. In Advanced level, WordPress covers theme development, widgets, and extension development.

Advanced level helps in discovering wordpress as an application, e-commerce website development, setting up server, loop for inserting data in tables, mastering CRUD and ajax in frontend using WordPress.This advanced WordPress course is meant for those who have familiarity with WordPress.

Why should you learn WordPress Development ?

Nowadays, to run a successful and profitable business, web content has become more important to flourish business especially for education, e-commerce and online markets. The coding in WordPress is simple and can be easily read by search engines that increases better visibility and ranking to the website, better functionality with plugins and capabilities to add links to other pages of organization, and can have multiple users or editors for creating and running a website.

Skills Required for WordPress Development ?

A WordPress Professional online course requires basic knowledge of computers along with Basics and Plugins of WordPress, Contact and WP Forms, Microsoft office, Website hosting and so on.

Scope of WordPress ?

WordPress builds the trust of clients and management as it offers modifying themes, inbuilt - plugins etc. WordPress development offers you an attractive pay and a good experience to build up your career to better senior positions.

Instructor : Ameen Muhammad,

Coding Introduction
Scope of Coding
How to start coding

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