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WordPress development for beginners
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WordPress development for beginners
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This course is designed for beginners who look to learn WordPress development

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Course Overview

Easily create a professional WordPress website with no coding experience. To start learning WordPress development, start by what WordPress is.

What is WordPress ?

WordPress is an PHP-based, open-source Content Management System tool for creating websites and blogs without any technical knowledge. It's simple and easy to use. It’s used to build, modify, and maintain websites. Wordpress is mobile-friendly, built-in blog, custom menus etc. WordPress allows you to create any type of website. WordPress has varieties of responsive themes and users can make a static site with plugins and themes. The biggest reason to learn WordPress is that the software is completely free and open-source.Its also a great tool for setting up an online business. WordPress is secure, extensible, supports all media types and is SEO friendly.

What you’ll learn ?

This Wordpress Development Training beginner tutorial helps you to build your own website, how to find and install plugins and themes, design pages and create a professional and modern website, how to get your website found by various search engines like google, bing and more, how to speed up website, how to increase social sharing, host and publish in secure way and how to secure and protect website from hackers. In this tutorial, you don’t just learn WordPress but you will get to learn HTML, PHP, CSS and javascript which are the four most technical languages in WordPress.

Scope of WordPress ?

Individuals who hold the wordpress skills will get higher ranks in companies and get paid more than an average professional. WordPress developers are responsible for both front end and back end development, thus WordPress skills are in high demand. You can also work as a freelancer with WordPress. Big brands and large corporations use Wordpress as their content management system. 

Wordpress beginner tutorial is just a small preview to WordPress development. Advanced WordPress development tutorial offers you to master Wordpress.

Instructor : Ameen Muhammad,

Coding Introduction
Scope of Coding
How to start coding

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